If your floor just needs refreshing and has some surface scratches, it is possible to clean and re-coat the
floor either with a lacquer or oil, depending on what your floor has been finished with.


Preventative maintenance.

Abrasive particles of dirt and grit trafficked onto a wooden floor finished with lacquer can be very damaging and seriously shorten the lifespan of any treatment.The Floors surface Will quickly become dull due to scratches and the wood may be affected by the ingress of moisture and stains. Matting placed at external entrances can be highly effective at prolonging the Appearance and life of the floor while reducing the frequency of refurbishment. It is important that matting is of a type which allows a abrasive particles to drop through it rather than remain on the surface where it can be tracked onto the sealed floor. Matting should be large enough, ideally to allow two steps across it, but, as a general recommendation, the Matt should be as large as is practical. Periodically matting should be thoroughly cleaned. A dirty mat is ineffective and can act as a reservoir of an abrasive particles.


How to look After your floor – Lacquered or Oiled

1) Dry cleaning

Floors should be cleaned daily using dry cleaning methods, such as vacuum, scissor mop or soft broom it is important to remove any abrasive particles of grit and dirt which may scratch the floor seal when trafficked under footwear, chair legs, and other items moved across the floor.

2) Damp Cleaning

A Bona or Osmo oil cleaning care kit is advised and can be supplied by us on request.

it consists of a diluted cleaning agent and is sprayed on to the floor from the spray bottle and comes with a mop to clean the floor.

3) Felt Pads

Felt pads to go under your furniture are a must and are also available on request.